Top 4 Ways to Display A Unique Wine Box

If you have ever received or found a unique wine box, you probably wanted to keep it, but storing it inside of the closet does not let you appreciate its style. There are several easy ways you can add a wooden wine box to your home décor. Here are the top four ways to display a unique wine box.

1. Make It A Shelf

You can turn a wooden wine box into a shelf with two brackets. Home improvement stores offer a variety of decorative brackets, so select a style that matches your room’s theme. When you install the brackets, screw into a wall stud or use anchor screws so the shelf will stay put if you put a heavy item on it.

You will also want to make sure the brackets are level. Once you have them installed, set the box on them and put photographs, plants, or other treasures on and in the box. If you put the wooden shelf in your bathroom, it makes a handy place to store extra towels and toiletries.

2. End Table

A unique wine box makes a conversation piece when used as an end table. To make it into a table, you will need some glass. Measure the short side of the box. Next, contact your local window company. Most of the businesses will custom cut pieces for you. Order a piece of glass that is two to four inches past the edges. To set the end table up, face the opening towards the center of the room, and place the glass on top. You can put books inside the box to add some interest too.

3. Ottoman

A wooden wine box makes an excellent ottoman because it is about the perfect height, length, and width. It is a relatively easy DIY craft. Measure the top of the wine box and add half an inch to each side. Take that measurement to a craft store. Find four-inch foam that is cut to order. It is usually green. Have them cut the perfect rectangle for you. Now it is time to pick out your fabric. Find a pattern and color that will accent the room the unique wine box ottoman is going to sit in.

To determine how much material you will need, wrap it around the foam and purchase that length. You will not need it all, but it never hurts to have a little extra. To put it all together, you will need spray glue or fabric glue. Lay the fabric out and put the foam on it. Wrap the fabric like a present around the foam. No one will see the bottom, so it doesn’t have to be pretty. Cut off any extra bulk then glue the fabric in place. Place your new cushion on your wine box ottoman.

4. Catch-All Tote

Everyone needs a catch-all tote by the front or back door. It is a spot where you can drop off gloves or extra packages. It is also a place where you can put things that you want to remember to take with you when you leave the house. Wooden wine boxes make attractive and useful containers.

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