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If you have ever received or found a unique wine box, you probably wanted to keep it, but storing it inside of the closet does not let you appreciate its style. There are several easy ways you can add a wooden wine box to your home décor. Here are the top four ways to display a unique wine box.

1. Make It A Shelf

You can turn a wooden wine box into a shelf with two brackets. Home improvement stores offer a variety of decorative brackets, so select a style that matches your room’s theme. When you install the brackets, screw into a wall stud or use anchor screws so the shelf will stay put if you put a heavy item on it. You will also want to make sure the brackets are level. Once you have them installed, set the box on them and put photographs, plants, or other treasures on and in the box. If you put the wooden shelf in your bathroom, it makes a handy place to store extra towels and toiletries.

2. End Table

A unique wine box makes a conversation piece when used as an end table. To make it into a table, you will need some glass. Measure the short side of the box. Next, contact your local window company. Most of the businesses will custom cut pieces for you. Order a piece of glass that is two to four inches past the edges. To set the end table up, face the opening towards the center of the room, and place the glass on top. You can put books inside the box to add some interest too.

3. Ottoman

A wooden wine box makes an excellent ottoman because it is about the perfect height, length, and width. It is a relatively easy DIY craft. Measure the top of the wine box and add half an inch to each side. Take that measurement to a craft store. Find four-inch foam that is cut to order. It is usually green. Have them cut the perfect rectangle for you. Now it is time to pick out your fabric. Find a pattern and color that will accent the room the unique wine box ottoman is going to sit in. To determine how much material you will need, wrap it around the foam and purchase that length. You will not need it all, but it never hurts to have a little extra. To put it all together, you will need spray glue or fabric glue. Lay the fabric out and put the foam on it. Wrap the fabric like a present around the foam. No one will see the bottom, so it doesn’t have to be pretty. Cut off any extra bulk then glue the fabric in place. Place your new cushion on your wine box ottoman.

4. Catch-All Tote

Everyone needs a catch-all tote by the front or back door. It is a spot where you can drop off gloves or extra packages. It is also a place where you can put things that you want to remember to take with you when you leave the house. Wooden wine boxes make attractive and useful containers.

If you are moving to or from your rented home or apartment while you are in college, you will want to use the easiest moving service available. One of the newest ways to move is the use of moving containers. Read on to learn six reasons why moving containers can make your college move a success.

1. They are Easy to Load

Moving containers are much easier to load because they are typically ramp-free. This means that you won’t have to push a heavy dolly up and down a ramp while you are loading your belongings. These types of containers are also equipped with steel locking latches and heavy tie-downs that will hold your belongings securely.

2. Moving Containers are Cost-Efficient

Since you aren’t paying for labor or gas, you can easily save a lot of money by renting a moving container for your move. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the smallest possible size you need and pay less. As more and more moving container companies pop up, prices are dropping due to increased competition.

3. The Company Will Cater to Your Schedule

Moving can be difficult when you have other responsibilities, such as school and work. When you rent a moving container, the company will work around your schedule. They will drop it off when you ask them to and then pick it back up when you have it packed. You never have to work around any other schedule but your own.

4. The Moving Company Will Haul Them for You

Once you have the container packed and ready to go, simply call the company to pick it up. They will move it across town or to the other side of the country. You won’t have to worry about driving a large truck, which can be a huge relief if you aren’t used to driving them.

5. You’ll Load Your Belongings Your Way

If you are worried about how college movers will pack your belongings and valuables, worry no more. When you rent a moving container you will be doing all of the packing and loading yourself. You’ll know exactly where everything is when you get to your new home as you will have loaded it all yourself.

6. There are No Fuel Costs

There is no way around it- fuel is expensive. If you are driving your own moving truck, you will have to worry about fuel costs. Depending on the area you live in and current costs, your wallet may take a pretty big hit. With a moving container, you won’t have to pay extra for gas.

Consider these six reasons for renting a moving container when you are moving to or from your college home. While you may employ college movers to pack your belongings, moving them to your new place is another worry. Enjoy an option that can save you money while making the move easier on you. To learn more, please visit Matco Calgary Movers for additional information, resources and references.

A roof is an expensive purchase that should be well maintained. Considering how expensive it is to replace your roof, it is in the best interest of the homeowner to ensure that it stays in good shape. Shingles, metal and tile roofing can be quite durable, but they also tend to wear out quickly in certain climates and environmental conditions. Here is how to extend the life of your roofing material so that you don’t call roof repair experts often.

1. Clear debris

Take the time to clear your roof of all accumulated debris. If you have trees in your compound, you should remove the dirt more regularly as the chances of debris accumulation are higher. Leaves, twigs and other materials can collect on the roof and lock in moisture in the shingles, which reduces their effectiveness. A lot of debris may lift the pebbly exterior of the roofing material that ensures durability. Ensure you clear the debris immediately after a bad storm.

2. Stay vigilant with inspections

You should inspect the roof for damage once or twice a year and repair it as required. Many homeowners fail to do this because they think that the roof is okay up there, while it isn’t. They don’t inspect it, and they miss out on issues that would cause premature failure, which means that they are always in need of roof repair Toronto.

3. Repair leaks promptly

An important factor in extending the life of your roof is to fix damages and leaks the moment you notice there is an issue. You should never put it off and allow the problem to swell up and worsen. Many homeowners fear that roof repair exercise may disrupt the residents. Others feel that the cost is high and they prefer to deal with the leak. What they don’t realize is that the issue could get worse than it already is implying that they will spend more money than they would now.

4. Clean your gutters

The importance of cleaning your gutters frequently can never be overemphasized. Gutters carry water away from the roof, thus preventing its accumulation. Clogged downspouts or gutters may result in damage to your home’s siding, roofing, and paint. Over time, water may affect the structural integrity of your house. Fixing a damaged roof might cost you thousands of dollars, which you can avoid by cleaning your gutters every spring or fall. Consider hiring a roof repair expert to clear the gutters when necessary.

5. Inspect the areas around skylights, chimneys, and utilities

Any part of the roof where there is a chimney or a skylight ought to be inspected regularly for damage. Such elements can be easily compromised. Climb to the crawlspace and attic beneath your roof to look for any signs of mold or water damage.