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Blogs started out as online diaries where people could share their thoughts and experiences with the world. While personal blogging is still a thing, the modern-day blogging has become more professional. It is one of the most popular online marketing channels that is used to attract and educate existing and potential clients.   While it takes a lot of work to get a start and maintain a successful blog, the pay off is worth every penny. Below are some of the benefits of blogging for small business.

1.      Boost Search Rankings

Boost Search Rankings
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Posting industry-related content on your blog on a regular basis can help improve the ranking of your business on search engines. This works well if you focus on writing informative pieces rather than promotional ones. Make sure to include a set of keywords that are relevant to your niche. If the quality of your content is good and your posts are engaging, then visitors will stay longer on your site and this can also help boost your search rankings.

2.      Educate

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Posting informative blog posts will not only keep visitors on your website for longer and lower bounce rates but will also be a source of valuable information for your customers. A blog is a great way to build trust and increase conversion rates.  This is because reading your blog is akin to creating rapport with them. They’ll be more willing to buy from someone they’re familiar with when the time comes.

3.      Establish You as an Authority

Establish You as an Authority
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This is one of the key benefits of blogging for small business. If you’re an expert in your field, then having a blog helps you build your profile as a thought leader. You can share all the knowledge you’ve gathered over the years to help boost your credibility and open up a ton of opportunities for you. This can help grow your business in leaps and bounds. To be a thought leader, you have to avoid posting generic pieces and instead focus on in-depth thought-provoking pieces that add value. You can do this by adding a new angle to old subjects

4.      Explain Your Services and Products

Explain Your Services and Products
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You don’t have to stick to general industry information when posting to your blog. You can also use it to explain what you offer and how it benefits the end user. Do not make the mistake of ditching other pages such as services and products page for your blog. Instead, use them to compliment each other. For example, you can explain a product or service in more detail on your blog. Providing valuable information about your offering helps keep your products top of mind for when the prospect is ready to buy.

5.      Offer 24/7 Customer Support

Offer 24/7 Customer Support
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Small businesses find it hard setting up and paying for a 24/7 customer service line due to resource constraints. A blog can help solve this problem if you include support-oriented posts where you answer the most frequently asked questions. Post troubleshooting tips, instruction tutorials, and how-tos. This will not only impress your customer but will also lighten the load for your customer support team since they’ll only be dealing with the most pressing issues. This is one of the benefits of blogging for small business.

You’re finally done with your move. You have unpacked everything and settled into your new home and the movers have left. So, what exactly as you supposed to do with the moving boxes? A garage full of unpacked boxes is not what you’d envisioned for your new home. You need a way to get rid of all this clutter. Here’s a guide on how to get rid of boxes after moving.

1.      Donate Your Boxes After You Move

Donate Your Boxes After You Move
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Boxes are increasingly getting harder to find due to the upsurge of green initiatives today. However, they are still useful. Churches, charities, libraries, and thrift stores are some of the places where you can donate your moving boxes.  They will come in handy as they’ll be used to transport stuff from one place to another.

2.      Recycling

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You should consider recycling the boxes. It will help you get rid of the clutter in your home and is an environmentally friendly way to go about it. You can search for “recycle moving boxes near me” on your favorite search engine to get recyclers in your area. Make sure to confirm that they can take all your cartons at one go. Also, find out whether they’ll be able to pick them up or you’ll have to drop them off.

3.      Sell

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You can actually sell used moving boxes and make some money instead of letting them sit idle in storage. Boxes are a hot product and you’re bound to find people in your city or neighborhood that are moving and looking for boxes. You can post your boxes on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji.

4.      Use the Boxes for Storage

Use the Boxes for Storage
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Do you have things that need to be put in storage? Chances are that you do. You can use the moving boxes to store these items in your garage, basement, or even a storage facility. Boxes help keep things organized and easier to manage. By doing this, you will also have a chance to use the boxes for a future move should the need arise. This is how to get rid of boxes after moving.

5.      Have Fun with The Boxes

Have Fun with The Boxes
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If you have kids, then cardboard boxes can be tons of fun. Once all the hard work of unpacking and putting things in their place is done, you can use the cardboard boxes to make a castle, an airplane, and other stuff with your kids. This will help keep them occupied and get their creative juices flowing.

6.      Create an Emergency Kit

Create an Emergency Kit
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You can use some of the boxes as emergency kits. The kits can contain a flashlight, blankets, water, food, and any other relevant items. You can use the smaller boxes for an emergency kit for your car while the larger ones can be used for the home.

7.      Use the Boxes Around the House

use the boxes around the house
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Doing some renovations in your home? Cardboard boxes can come in handy since you can use them to create a convenient place to put all your painting gear. This will ensure the floor stays paint free. You can also use carton boxes to keep your garage floor clean when your vehicle has a leak.

I just lost my car keys. What to do? This is a tricky scenario many people find themselves in from time to time. It can get particularly tricky if you’d traveled and can’t leave your car parked in a lot and go home. It is important to prepare yourself in advance for such scenarios. One way to prepare for this is by cutting a spare key and keeping it safe. If you find yourself in a situation where your car key is lost and can’t access the spare, or you do not have a spare, there are certain steps you can take to remedy the situation. Here is what to do.

1.      Search the Immediate Area Again

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It is important to remain calm after you realize that you have lost your car keys. Being calm allows you to comb through the area where you might have lost them more meticulously. Assess the surroundings and try to retrace your steps. You may just have left them lying on a desk or dropped them as you walked around. Try to think of the last time you had the keys with you and where exactly you were. Could you have left them in the bathroom?

2.      Check Inside the Car

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If you still can’t find the key, check the inside of the car. There are numerous cases reported every day concerning car lockout and you may be in a similar situation. If you are exiting your car in a hurry, it is possible to forget to remove the key from the car. If your key is in the car, you simply need to get in touch with the best locksmith services in your area to have the key retrieved.

3.      Gather Your Vehicle Information

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For a dealership or a locksmith to be able to help with a lost car key situation, they will need the details of your vehicle. This information makes it possible for them to get the right key for your car. Also, it helps the locksmith in deciding what tools to bring to the site if they need to break into your car to retrieve your key.

4.      Call A Locksmith

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Once you have all the relevant details about your car, you need to get in touch with a locksmith. A professional locksmith company will have the required skills and tools to help in either retrieving the key from inside the car or cutting a new key for your car. Make sure to get a reasonably priced locksmith owing to the fact that this is an unplanned expense. Calling a locksmith is especially ideal if you have an old car.

5.      Consider Reliability and Cost When Getting a Car Keys Copy

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If you lock yourself out of your car, it is very possible for you to do things in a panic without considering the cost and reliability of the car locksmith services. Even in such a situation, it is important to think logically. Ensure you get a key done to last as opposed to having it done to serve the current situation. Also, get a spare key done and keep it within reach in case you get yourself into this sticky situation again.


Investing in education for your child is very important, and to ensure that families all across the country take it seriously, Canada encourages its citizens to take advantage of a Heritage Education Funds Plan. There are a few things that you will want to know about saving for your child’s future so that you get the most out of this savings and understand how to correctly open the account.

1. Be Prepared
One problem that many parents have when they go to open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for their child is that they are not prepared with the right documents. This will prevent you from being able to open an account, which is why you want to make sure that you know what you will need and have everything with you. You will need to bring not only your child’s social insurance card, but yours as well. Additionally, you need your child’s permanent resident card or birth certificate. It’s only when you are prepared with this information that you can open an account.

2. Plan Ahead
Before going and opening a RESP for your child, you will want to have done some planning as to how you want to invest the savings. While you can make this decision at the time of opening the account, it’s a good idea to spend some time considering your different options before you meet with the financial advisor. There are a few options for how you are going to invest the savings, including mutual funds, a low-risk GIC, or a no-risk savings account. What you choose will be determined in part by how adverse you are to risk and what kind of savings you have already started for your child.

3. Learn About the Canada Learning Bond
You will want to spend some time to find out whether or not your child is eligible for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). There are a few qualifications that your child will have to meet, including being born in or after 2004, and you must receive the National Child Benefit Supplement as a part of your Canada Child Tax Benefit. If you and your child are eligible, then you will be able to enjoy an extra deposit when you apply for the CLB and open a Heritage RESP, so it is something that is worth checking out and taking advantage of, if possible.

4. You Don’t Have to Open with a Deposit
Some people avoid opening a RESP because they do not have the money to put in an initial deposit. If you are eligible for CLB you can go ahead and open a RESP and apply for the CLB. This is a great way to start planning and preparing for the future education for your child.

5. Get Your Match
By making deposits to your child’s RESP, you will be eligible for a savings match. The amount that the government will match will vary and depend on your income. Make sure that you understand the income requirements for various match cutoffs so that you can plan for the most money to be saved in the RESP.

Not many years ago, runners, men on horses and even pigeons were used to deliver parcels and messages. This has however changed tremendously following the improving technology. Could you imagine a world without delivery and courier services in the modern world we’re living in? The courier Toronto and delivery services and others in the world have tremendously transformed our present world. Below are the top 5 courier services for your express deliveries.

1. Flagship

This is arguably one of the best courier services in Canada. This is attributed to its affordable rates, timely delivery, customer service and easy process among other strategies.  This company offers an array of services that include personal shipping, LTL and FTL freight services, and E-commerce integration. It has an easy to use and navigate website that has all the requirements.

2. DHL

You’ve probably heard of DHL or even used this service before and experienced their professional and exquisite services. DHL was started back in 1869 to send parcels between two cities in America. After a year of its inception, the services started its international deliveries. Over the years, the company grew both domestically and internationally and is now delivering to all parts of the world and is part of the Deutsche post logistics with its headquarters in Bonn, Germany.

3. FedEx- Federal Express

FedEx was named after its air division and was the first to start the express distributions. Currently, FedEx is the international leader when it comes to express, reliable and time definite deliveries in over 220 regions in the world. It also incorporates the latest technologies which further solidifies its global leadership position. It also has a money back guarantee in case your parcel is not delivered in time.

4. United Parcel Service

Commonly abbreviated as UPS, United parcel service was started by James Casey and was the first company to use their own and personal aircrafts to deliver parcels. It was also the first company to deliver to all addresses in America.  Over the years, it has grown to be the biggest courier service in the world delivering to over 220 worldwide regions. It can deliver to the furthest parts in the world and in just two days.

5. United States Postal Services

Normally known as USPS or US mail to many, it runs as an independent wing of the US federal government providing postal and package delivery services in the whole of America.  It also has close ties with most of the famous courier companies such as FedEx which enable it to reach to over 220 regions worldwide. It has over 65000 employees and also offers parcel tracking services.