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SEO is an integral part of your search marketing campaigns. Auditing your site for SEO can be time-consuming and complicated. This is why you need the best SEO audit tool at your disposal. These tools help you to identify problem areas on your website much faster. Here are some of the best SEO auditing tools available today.

1.      MySiteAuditor


With this tool, you can get free SEO reports or white-label SEO reports. You can also integrate it on your website to help generate more leads.  The tool audits landing pages and web pages for your target keywords and gives feedback on what needs to be changed. MySiteAudotor has a free 10-day trial version available.

2.      Seomator


The first impression you’ll get from this tool will be underwhelming. But you’re bound to change your mind after trying the free version. Seomator crawls your website and provides a detailed report that includes internal links, on-page SEO, HTML tags, structured data, mobile usability, text statistics, page speed, off-page SEO, site structure, organic search, and backlinks. The report contains the problems, solutions, scores and recommended fixes and you can download in PDF format.  The tool has a limit of 1000 pages per website. They have a 7-day unlimited trial version.

3.      SE Ranking

SE Ranking

When you run this tool, you get a detailed list of errors on your website and the corresponding tasks required to fix them. You also get tips on how to improve your website so that it performs better on the SERPs. You can audit up to 5000 pages every month with a premium account. You’re restricted to 1000 pages per month when you use the free plan. You can also use the tool to monitor your backlink profile. The tool also comes with a social media management module that helps you manage your social media pages. You can schedule and auto-post content including images, tags, links, and news. SE Ranking comes with an interactive and easy to use demo to help you get started. This is probably the best SEO audit tool you can get for free.

4.      WooRank


WooRank allows you to audit and keep tabs on the recommendations given for your main web pages. You can export the results of the audit as presentation slides. While there is a 14-day free trial, you will have to purchase a premium plan to generate a large number of reports.  WooRank is a handy tool for small business owners. Note that you will need to provide your credit card information to start using the service.

5.      Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader

You can use Marketing Grader to grade your websites based on mobile readiness, performance, security, and SEO. Also known as Website Grader, the tool is a product of HubSpot Inc. It is easy to use and helps scan your website, blog, social media, and mobile website. You get very detailed reports pinpointing problem areas and how to fix them. You can get a free trial for 30 days.

The best SEO audit tool is the one that works best for you as there’s not much between the above 5 tools.



Wondering how to market your business online?

The internet has changed the way we do business and made the world a more accessible place. You can buy and sell goods and services around the globe with very little investment. That being the case, competition for customers has never been stiffer since anyone can set up a website and start selling. The key to being successful online is getting your marketing right. Here are some timely tips on how to marketing your business online.

1.     Create and Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Create and Optimize Your Website for Search Engines
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The idea behind SEO is to write your website copy in a way makes it possible for it to rank highly on search engine results. If yours is a new business, your main objective is to ensure that your website has quality content and that it is optimized for on-page and off-page SEO. You need to focus on issues such as your page’s speed, quality of your content, the keywords you use, meta descriptions, mobile usability, and your backlink profile among other factors. If you are new to SEO, you can trust the SEO professionals at www.seotoronto.company to help.

2.     Blog Creation and Quality of Content

Blog Creation and Quality of Content
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You can use a blog to drive traffic to your website. Blogging can also boost your rankings on the search engine result pages. You can use the blog to make your website more visible to search engines by using your target keywords and related phrases in the blog posts. Therefore, it is important for every business owner to learn how to start and run a blog to effectively market their products and services. While this is a long-term marketing strategy, it will eventually pay off.

3.     Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Brand

Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Brand
Credit: Pixabay

Facebook ads are great opportunities for your brand to reach the relevant audience. To be able to effectively use Facebook ads, you need to know who your target audience is. You can use options related to age, gender, marital status, interests, and geographic location to reach your audience. Ensure you use micro-spends to be able to know which squeeze page and ad copy received the best response from your target audience.

4.     Instagram for Business

 Instagram for Business
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With more than 300 million monthly users, your business needs to find a way to interact with Instagram users on a business level. You can use influencers and power users to ensure that you are reaching as many people as possible. While this may come at a small cost, it gives you access to millions of people in your niche.

5.     Video Marketing

Video Marketing
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You can create video tutorials on YouTube, which is an excellent online marketing resource. Concentrate on crafting helpful and interesting content to be able to attract as many people to your videos as possible. Concentrate on adding value as opposed to making a profit to be able to enjoy video marketing.

6.     Create a Branded Email Signature

Create a Branded Email Signature
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Having a branded email signature is one of the most important tips on how to market your business online. Ensure that you use links on your signature as a way of passively promoting your business and leading email recipients back to your website.

At the end of each year, it is important for small businesses to look back and assess which strategies worked for the benefit of the business and which ones did not. They need to find ways to adjust some of the strategies to support their business come the next year. With the end of 2018 upon us, it is important to start planning for your business success in 2019 ahead of time. Here are some small business tips for success.

1.      Adjusting to The Loss of Google+

Adjusting to The Loss of Google+
Credit: Pixabay

If you are a keen online marketer, you already know that Google will be shutting down Google+ in 2019. The loss of this platform may impact a few marketing factors for your small business. Therefore, adjust your SEO marketing strategy to compensate for the loss of Google+ in 2019.

2.      Take Note of Upcoming Marketing Trends for Content

Credit: Pixabay

If you want to continue succeeding online through content marketing, you need to be aware of the latest developments in content marketing. Learn about the trends affecting your small business and your consumers too. Adjust your small business strategies to make the most of these changes.

3.      Advance Your Content Marketing Strategy with Voice-Active Technology

Credit: Pixabay

Voice-activated tech such as voice assistants are changing how people interact with content online. Make sure your content is in line with these voice-active technology advancements.

4.      Use Podcast Automation

Credit: Pixabay

If you find the process of podcasting daunting, you can always use automation. This way, you are sure that your podcasts reach your target audience faster in 2019.

5.      Measuring the Effectiveness of Facebook Ads

Credit: Pixabay

One of the most important small business tips for success is measuring the impact your social presence had on your clients and what benefits it brings to your business. Facebook has a tool that allows you to measure the impact of your advertising campaigns. By keeping track of this data, you stand the chance to achieve a greater ROI in 2019.

6.      Finding the Best Franchising Opportunity Online

Credit: Pixabay

If you are considering buying into a franchise in 2019, there are a ton of options available. It can be overwhelming choosing one that works for you. For this reason, you should do a lot of research before settling on a franchising business. Visit franchising websites online to get as much information as you can on the various options available. This way, you stand to make the best choice for your small business in 2019.

7.      Consider Going for Serviced Offices or Co-Working Spaces

Credit: Pixabay

Working remotely has become very common today. In 2019, instead of spending a fortune on your own working space for small business, people are considering renting out co-working spaces or serviced office spaces. You can have a piece of the pie by investing in this line of business in 2019.

8.      Advance Your Small Business Technology

Credit: Pixabay

If you run a retail business, it is important to adjust the way you do your retail business by applying the use of the latest retail technology for your small business. There has been a lot said about the ‘death of retail’ and thus the only way to remain relevant in 2019 is keeping up with the trend.