Special Office Printer Features That You Should Know About


If your company or business is in the market for new business printers, you’ll need to brush up on buying these intense pieces of technology. Whether it’s a colour laser printer or an inkjet printer, business printers are extremely important to both small and large businesses, so finding one unit or several printers that fit your business’s needs should be a priority. The following features should be considered when you shop for a new business printer.

Engine Speed

The engine speed of a printer is generally expressed in PPM or pages per minute. Sometimes, you may see the number expressed in IPM or images per minute. Finally, the engine speed may be expressed in CPM or characters per minute. This basically explains how fast your printer will print a given document. A printer for small business printing won’t have to have an extremely fast engine speed, but a printer for large business printing should print quickly to accommodate the large workload.

DPI or Dots per Inch

Dots per inch or DPI represents how well your office printer will print pictures, graphs, charts and other images. If you plan to print a lot of these materials, you will want to have a high dots per inch rate. On the other hand, companies and businesses that don’t plan on printing a lot of images, like charts, pictures and graphs, shouldn’t have to worry about having an extremely high DPI rate.

Internal Memory

The internal memory of a printer will be expressed in KB or kilobytes or in MB or megabytes. Home printers generally don’t have any memory, but for businesses and offices, printers must be able to have memory. Again, this would be based on how much you plan on printing at your office. More memory will be needed for more printing.

Monthly Duty Cycle

If you plan on printing mass amounts of documents and pictures on most days at your business, you will want a high monthly duty cycle. This number represents the number of documents that can be printed in a given month without causing the printer to fail in any way.

Networking Capabilities

Most companies these days want printers that have networking capabilities. This allows you and your coworkers or employees to print wirelessly.


Duplexing is also known as two-sided printing. If you hope to be able to print on both sides of a sheet of paper without having to manually flip it over when you print, you will definitely want to have duplexing capabilities for your new office photocopiers.

Are you ready to buy a new printer for your office? If so, make sure to take all of the features above into consideration so that you can find the best possible office printers for you and your coworkers or employees. More valuable information can be found on the Hub Technology Group Inc. website.


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