Make Express Deliveries Using These 5 Courier Services


Not many years ago, runners, men on horses and even pigeons were used to deliver parcels and messages. This has however changed tremendously following the improving technology. Could you imagine a world without delivery and courier services in the modern world we’re living in? The courier Toronto and delivery services and others in the world have tremendously transformed our present world. Below are the top 5 courier services for your express deliveries.

1. Flagship

This is arguably one of the best courier services in Canada. This is attributed to its affordable rates, timely delivery, customer service and easy process among other strategies.  This company offers an array of services that include personal shipping, LTL and FTL freight services, and E-commerce integration. It has an easy to use and navigate website that has all the requirements.

2. DHL

You’ve probably heard of DHL or even used this service before and experienced their professional and exquisite services. DHL was started back in 1869 to send parcels between two cities in America. After a year of its inception, the services started its international deliveries. Over the years, the company grew both domestically and internationally and is now delivering to all parts of the world and is part of the Deutsche post logistics with its headquarters in Bonn, Germany.

3. FedEx- Federal Express

FedEx was named after its air division and was the first to start the express distributions. Currently, FedEx is the international leader when it comes to express, reliable and time definite deliveries in over 220 regions in the world. It also incorporates the latest technologies which further solidifies its global leadership position. It also has a money back guarantee in case your parcel is not delivered in time.

4. United Parcel Service

Commonly abbreviated as UPS, United parcel service was started by James Casey and was the first company to use their own and personal aircrafts to deliver parcels. It was also the first company to deliver to all addresses in America.  Over the years, it has grown to be the biggest courier service in the world delivering to over 220 worldwide regions. It can deliver to the furthest parts in the world and in just two days.

5. United States Postal Services

Normally known as USPS or US mail to many, it runs as an independent wing of the US federal government providing postal and package delivery services in the whole of America.  It also has close ties with most of the famous courier companies such as FedEx which enable it to reach to over 220 regions worldwide. It has over 65000 employees and also offers parcel tracking services.


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