Lock Repair VS Lock Replacement: Which is Better?


Whether you are concerned about the safety of your home or office, locks will always steal a greater part of the attention.

The only confusion that you might come across with locks is deciding whether to get the broken lock fixed or have it replaced with a new one. To assist you better, locksmith lock-up services inc shares the following essential information with you so that you can decide properly as which option suits you the best.



Durability is one of the decisive factors that we consider while purchasing any product. The same applies to home locks as well. Since your old door lock has lived its life and now it demands repair, there is not much sense in fixing it.

However, if the old lock offers better security and safety, then knowing the tips to fix locks and door knobs will come a lot handy. If you are looking for smart and digital access system for your home, then you can always opt for replacing locks.

Easy to Access

Easy to Access

You must consider the ease of accessibility while choosing between lock repair and replacement. The old door locks might have become obsolete if we take account of new and modern digital locks, but they might have earned your respect and trust over the years, but not that is no reason to overlook the latest locks.

Small children and old people might not be comfortable with old fixed locks. They expect better accessibility which is provided by modern locks only. Moreover, latest technology has rendered locks with voice control and biometric based access as well which enhances the safety parameters as well.

Elegant and Stylish


Since we all like adorning our home and other places of concern with stylish and modern items, how can we forget locks that steal the first glance of our guests? Well, we can’t which is why getting the locks replaced an apt choice.

You will find several elegant and alluring locks which are a fine example of innovation and technology meant for homes. In addition to traditional locks, you will find modern locks in several colors which add to the beauty and inner décor of your place.



Well, if we consider the safety and security parameters, then there is no doubt that modern locks serve the purpose aptly.  Latest and disruptive technology rendered locks supplied with a touch of innovation keep your home more secure and safe than old locks.

Anyone concerned about the safety and security of their loved ones and the valuables in their home would go for the replacement of locks only. All you need to do is arm yourself with the method to change locks and grab the sort of lock that you want for your place.

Cost Factor

Cost Factor

Whether you are getting your old lock repaired or planning to get it replaced with a new one, both will cost you. The only difference is which one costs less. If the broken lock is an old one, you might face some difficulty while coming across the needed parts. Hence, even if you decide to fix the broken lock, it might not be that easy.

If you decide to replace the lock, all you need to do is get the one that takes your fancy and provides better security. Although the cost for getting a new lock will be higher, it will also offer better services.


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