Five Top Criteria For Comparing Managed Public Cloud Services


These days, businesses in almost every industry are gathering and processing huge amounts of data. With access to this data, companies can make far more intelligent choices about how they grow and adapt their operations. To aid this process, Canadian data centre management specialists have the discernment to properly combine name-brand data solutions with open source technologies. Unfortunately, too many people don’t fully realize the risks involved in using substandard IT solutions. While most providers of integrated cloud services provide a bare minimum of quality, you shouldn’t have to settle for tech services that are merely average. Data centers that use Microsoft Azure are known for their above-average reliability. In addition, Azure management professionals typically stay up to date with changing data standards.

As you review your managed public cloud options, you’ll notice that there are no shortage of promising providers. To identify the right provider for your enterprise, you’ll want to review each candidate for data security, legal compliance, availability of data and customer service. While regulatory compliance and security are arguably the most important of these criteria, no provider can truly meet your needs if it is notably lacking in any one of these areas. To emphasize the importance of all these criteria, we’ll address them here in no particular order.

Customer Service
If the managed cloud provider you patronize is stable and well-established, you probably won’t have to deal with service representatives very often. Still, you don’t want to find yourself dreading those occasions when you must initiate contact. You can reasonably demand that data centre employees respond to each query in a timely, professional and knowledgeable manner.

Security Protocols
Information security has become an extremely relevant topic for enterprises in many different industries. As we have seen over the course of the past two years, incomplete security protocols have even impacted the fate of great nations. Poor security can certainly impact your business, so make sure your cloud provider is fully credentialed in security matters.

Data Availability And Compliance With The Law
If your cloud services provider does not maintain redundancy in its infrastructure, your might find yourself unable to access data at critical times. Whatever the nature of your business, it is necessary for your provider to store sensitive data in a way that is compliant with Canadian law. This is particularly important if your customers trust you with credit card numbers and other private data.

In terms of aggregate revenues, the Canadian IT sector is smaller than the U.S. IT sector. However, this simplistic metric ignores the staggering innovation and commercial potential now seen throughout Canada’s high-tech sector. By using one of Canada’s leading cloud providers, you can profit while helping this industry grow to new heights. If you visit the Carbon60 Networks website, they may be able to provide you with more information.


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