A Comparison Between Private Host and On-Premise

There are two types of private cloud hosting services and they are the hosted solutions and the On-Premise ones. The one main difference between these two private managed hosting services is their total level of support needed for their maintenance and features available. But otherwise, everything else may pretty much look to be the same. That’s if you’re not keen enough.

1. Hosted solutions vs. On-Premise

You will find that the number of SMBs looking for and into private cloud solutions grow by the day every day with the private cloud providers continuing to compel huge benefits from their improved security, eliminating any potentially complicated server management, and increased flexibility.

2. On-Premise private cloud

Also called the internal cloud, the On-Premise private cloud is hosted within an organization’s own data center or offices, and is used to provide internal solutions for hosting needs. But since internal clouds are completely controlled in-house, it often calls for more flexibility for you to have everything set up in a specific way, using specific hardware, you can now have that control.

But then again, you will also have to carry the whole burden of all server and maintenance costs. This means that you are all-in right from the first up-front hardware costs to software licensing and even any unfortunate hardware failures. You need to know that On-Premise solutions don’t also come without their own downsides even as it provides you more control.

Then, you also need to have some qualified system administrators on your staff team to help maintain and monitor all the systems is you want to have a successful operation. This may, however, be less of a concern for those organizations that are already staffed with Administrators. For the one that doesn’t, it can be a very tough hurdle to pull off.

3. Hosted private cloud

This type of cloud solution is owned and even operated by third-party service providers. A good example if the Liquid Web. Now, because the infrastructure serves a much larger population, the customers get to benefit a lot from its economies of scale. Another advantage that the hosted private cloud solutions come with is the large resources which accompany the large scale which, in turn, provides more on-demand scalability possibilities for its end users.

And for some SMBs who require HIPAA and PCI compliance, the hosted solution can help to simplify the overall web infrastructure. But in the cases of On-Premise hosting, you require such compliance organizations to enable you to expand your security and control practices. But with the hosted solution, the service provider can easily manage and even control physical server security and access.

Lastly, another one of the advantages of the hosted solutions is its provision of support and management compared to the On-Premise which can be very costly both for the equipment and any necessary staff.

4. When you weigh the costs

Unfortunately, it is upon every organization to weigh the pros and cons themselves and make a decision. You won’t find “one size fits all” where you find the perfect hosting solution which will work for every organization.

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