10 Pointers Why You Should Consider Real Estate CRM System

Studies have found that many real estate agents are still using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or any other simple contact managers to organize and manage their database. Well, these methods of organizing and managing data, especially for real estate agents and brokers can become very tiresome and time-consuming sometimes. Not to mention that these agents miss out on a lot by not adopting the automated systems offered by the Ixact Contact real estate CRM programs in developing and even maintaining good relationships with their leads and people in their database.

The difference between a CRM and an excel spreadsheet

CRM systems are integrated into your emails which enables you to contact your leads directly from your CRM. CRM systems also come with a dashboard and a calendar which the Excel spreadsheets lack. Here are 10 reasons why you need to start using CRM to manage your database as soon as possible in the real estate business.

  1. The “Daily Five” routine

When molded and planned well, this method can be very effective, especially towards your real estate business growth. The “daily five” routine will also add discipline to your work processes like contacting the people you have in your database.

  1. You focus more on your follow-up efforts

The most common issue that usually makes most referrals not turn into actual business opportunities is the lack of sufficient follow-ups, explains Michelle Hamshaw, Seattle-area real estate agent. With a CRM system in place, you will know who is on your list as soon as you log into your email and from there, you will automatically know whether to call, email or text your leads.

  1. Automated digital marketing

You can automate your messages to your customer list in your database through emails, messages, or even on the online lead generation platforms. Everything will be automated so you can relax your mind.

  1. You stay in touch with your past clients

Maybe you got too focused on current events that you lost track of your past clients. You will need to worry about this no more with the sophisticated CRM features that can do these tasks in a jiffy.

  1. You develop stronger relationships

CRM improves your overall interactions with your clients which eventually will improve and develop stronger relationships between your business and leads.

  1. You will also give – it’s not all about getting referrals

With a good CRM set in your business, you will also have the luxury of giving out some referrals to other businesses as well.

  1. You can use the social media more productively

Most agents are now using the social media to keep in touch with their clients and how the market is moving. With the CRM system in play, you can now easily integrate your social sites like Twitter and LinkedIn with your email address to keep track of all your social media contacts and interact with them as well.

  1. Helps to manage your closings

With a good CRM system in play, you can easily keep track of all activities that need to occur that will end all your business transactions with a successful closing.

  1. You stay competitive

With more than 70% of the current real estate agents managing their database using CRM, it would only be wise to follow suit and stay in the competition and if you can, even surpass it.

  1. Use CRM more and earn more

A survey conducted with some real estate agents by Active Rain showed that those agents who used the real estate CRM software in their business more earned more compared to those who didn’t.

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