Important Features in Field Service Management Software

Field service management software allows you to complete every important business task. From finance to human resources, control every department using this fast, efficient method. Some software programs that may or may not benefit the specific needs of your company. Start by reviewing the common features that appear in management software tools.

Employee Monitoring

Managing workers is one of the most important uses of management software. Start with a dispatching module to assign different assignments to workers based on their availability and skill level. This tool allows you to see which ones are reliable and which are not. Track the consistency of the times when they started and completed their assignments.

Use field service scheduling to manage the days, hours, absences, overtime and days off for every service technician. Use this software to keep reports on your best and worst employees.

When you manage work hours and salaries, you also need to manage the payrolls. In a complete management system, calculate the exact amounts that you owe workers on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Repairs and Maintenance

Every company has equipment and facilities that need proper maintenance. Keep track of monthly and annual maintenance tasks to maintain the quality of your inventory, warehouse, plumbing, etc. Preventative maintenance is the ideal solution to making expensive repairs.


Stocking the shelves is not the only task of inventory managers. They must count and recount every item that goes in and out of the building. They no longer use papers to write down serial numbers by hand. Using software, they organize product types, brands, quantities and numbers on the computer.


Integrate an accounting tool to handle all of the invoices, payrolls and financial calculations. Make invoices within minutes, and receive payments through credit cards and bank accounts. Over long periods of time, monitor the company’s total expenditures and savings amounts.

Sales and Analytical Data

If you create invoices, have the option to create analytical reports. Collect data on the company’s sales commissions and profits in one database. You should regularly make progress reports on the low or high performance levels of your company.

Miners need dispatching tools to send their workers out on important projects. Maids need time sheets to track the hours of new hires. In all industries, there is the collective need to control employees and business data using software. The tool that you need to get the work done is found in field service management software. Learn more information and find additional resources at the Miracle Service website.

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