How Canada’s Call Centres Continue To Innovate

Over ten years ago, a dedicated team of IT people managed to take Pizza Pizza’s ordering system and distribute it so that home-based workers anywhere in Canada could be the energy that backed the engine running the inbound call centres engine for that firm.

They created jobs for people in all regions. They also helped enhance Canadian business peoples’ awareness of how call centres can be used to help drive customer service for their business. Their implementation was primarily an ordering system that acted was similar to an answering service with specific actions tied to it.

Here are some innovations happening today in call centres in Canada:

Integration with multiple media types:

When you talk about phone calls as being just one way that inbound call centres are able to serve customers, what you normally mean is that many firms have switched over and now include online chat as a interactive service handled by call centres.

For some Canadian companies, email support is also integrated because it can be queued and answered by a dedicated team. To top things off for the modern firm, putting website trouble ticket types of services online and then having your customer service team monitor the transaction queue is one way that you can put quite a few different communication areas with customers into a system that optimizes their experience.

Empathy is back:

It used to be the case that companies would bend over backwards to accommodate reasonable customers. Then along came a trend that helped shave costs by empowering customer service agents to cut off service to customers that were not being unruly. For some people, that turned out to be a pretty good reason to quietly stop using a company. So a more recent trend that allows agents working for inbound call centres to show empathy towards customers when prudent is very much been helped out by Canadian business participation. You can find more information at Extend Communications and learn from their online resources.

Multitasking with the same agents

Asking people to do too many things at once can be a distraction and a negative driver in the workplace. Cross training them so that they can learn to answer calls and contact clients that have somehow fallen out of the queue when they originally called in with a sales question- or they were somewhere in an online shopping cart and got knocked out is a pretty good way of helping your firm maximize its customer service potential.

Customer service in Canada continues to lead North America by example. Those firms that spend the time to get the technology partners and staffing right can expect to see gains in reputation and/or the marketplace.

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