Murphy beds: The next generation


Courtesy Of: Canadian Living

They’ve come so far, in fact, they’re not even called “Murphy beds” anymore. (The category is now referred to as the much-less-likely-to-be-trademarked, but not nearly as cool, “Wall beds.”) What’s more, they’re not the hulking behemoths that the used to be. In fact, some are downright—dare I say—handsome.

At the forefront of this radical redesign of the space-saving staple is a Canadian company called TechCraft , which specializes in stylish, ready-to-assemble wall beds, including this lovely Allegra model.

What I like about this particular wall bed is how it’s integrated into a larger storage unit, flanked on either side by open shelving and stacked drawers. These “tower units” start at $399 a pop, and come in a variety of specialized configurations, including full bookcase shelving, glass-fronted cupboard doors, and—most appealingly—a wine rack.

The molded panels across the bed’s front facade is also a nice touch, lending a fair bit of architectural interest to what’s historically been a huge expanse of flat, featureless wood.

Although this next shot lacks the storage units to the left and right of the bed, it gives you an idea of what the unit looks like when the panel is lowered, revealing the full queen in all its splendour.


By: Brett Walther


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