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It helps you make that winning first impression and most importantly it’s a communication tool. The impact of social media outlets have expanded the horizons of many men who are putting fit first and style second while choosing to indulge in exceptional garments. It is no longer just a women’s pastime. As more options pop up in markets worldwide, men are catching on. They also want to look and feel their best.

Canada Press sat down with a few esteemed business owners in Toronto that specialize in tailoring to converse and break down the importance of tailoring and why it’s worth the investment.


Business: Made ClothingMade

Price Range: $895-$1895


The Modern Man


“Originality is cool. There is no longer just the suit, people are wearing sneakers with the suit, people are pairing suiting pieces with jeans and crazy shoes, laces or a bold pocket square. The lines are being blurred. There are people who are taking that through expression and social media giving them the ability to see many more styles. it’s like I love sneakers and I love suits and I am going to kind of meld them and now that’s my look. If you are a true appreciator you know it’s all art. It’s all style, it’s just someone elses take on it.”

-Tomas Romita, Owner



Business: GP MazzottaGP Mazzotta

Price Range: $895 and up


The Suit for Every Occasion & Fit


“A lot of people look at it as a uniform to throw on. If you own quality suits you’re going to find an occasion to wear it. You need your black, navy, and your charcoal. For work you may want to be a little bit more comfortable, a little bit more roomy in your arms because with the jacket at your desk you may want to not want that structured slim fit because it’s not feasible for work. When you’re going to an event you want that sharp, tailored look, something a bit more slimmer. If you’re going to wear separates in your casual life, you may want something that’s a little bit more relaxed because you don’t want any structure, something with a little bit of soft construction. This allows a guy to have a wardrobe, you can’t just get away with pieces, you need a wardrobe.”

-Gian Paolo Mazzotta, Owner


Got Style

Business: GOTSTYLE

Price Range: $800 and up


Made to Measure VS Bespoke

“I think sometimes there is a lot of confusion, there’s made to measure and bespoke and sometimes people don’t know the difference. Made to measure is where there is an existing pattern that  the manufacturer has and then you come in and try on different suits and then based on your measurements, they are going to alter that pattern versus a bespoke suit, where you come in and you get measured and you make a pattern just for you (custom). It’s completely custom, you have your very own pattern. You can notice the difference in how the leg falls and how the jacket hangs, it’s going to be a little bit shorter. A little bit trimmer.”

-Melissa Austria, Owner


Business: Davido AfnaniDavido Afnani

Price Range: $175-$4000


Old School Traditions & Quality Fabrics


“The old school bespoke traditions remain very important, but new suit manufacturers have come up with ways to make the process more consistent and quicker – using CAD to make patterns for suits instead of cutting out paper patterns. It’s less expensive and more exact.”

“Quality is always important. There is a growing group of men who have developed an awareness and understanding of quality. We have seen it in cars, watches, living quarters and certainly clothing. Knowing that you are wearing the best means something to us – it can inspire confidence. From a practical view point quality fabrics have a richer look, they hang better, hold their shape better – and most importantly feel better.”

-Davido Afnani, Owner


Credit: Ranjit Dhatt


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