Thalia claims to have ribs removed, posts ‘souvenir’ photo of bones in a jar

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Courtesy Of: Marco Ugarte

It has long been rumoured that Mexican superstar Thalia had ribs removed to make her waist smaller. And now it appears there is some proof.

Thalia happened to be watching a Filipino talk show last week when the host mentioned it.

The actress decided to put those rumours to bed and today tweeted out an image of what appear to be bones in a jar. Apparently she kept them as a souvenir.

“To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof,” Thalia wrote. “I love my famous ribs, I kept them with me all of these years.”

Thalia is known for her roles in Filipino soap operas. Despite her claims, there is no proof the bones in the image are ribs or that they are her own.


By: Jordan Chittley


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