Toronto Food Events: Ribfest, Taste of Asia, Group of Seven Brewer’s Backyard, Festival Libra, PintxosTO


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  • Rib lovers take note: there are two Ribfests of note this weekend leading up to Canada Day on Tuesday, July 1. The Toronto RibFest at Centennial Park starts on Friday, June 27, while the Canada Day Rotary Ribfestat L’Amoreaux Community Centre Grounds (2000 McNicoll Ave.) is open daily from 11am to 11pm starting Saturday, June 28.
  • The Taste of Asia street festival takes over Kennedy Rd. at Steeles Ave. this weekend Saturday, June 28 from noon to midnight and Sunday, June 29 from noon to 6pm. Highlights include 150 vendor booths, a Philippine Village, Korean Town, Bibimbap eating challenge, noodle competition and live performances.
  • Porkapalooza takes place Sunday, June 29 from 3pm to 5:30pm at Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West). For $8 you get a six-sample platter of the contending peameal bacon, pulled pork and ham sandwiches, and the opportunity to vote on your favourite.
  • In honour of Canada Day, Brewer’s Backyard hosts a Group of Seven edition Tuesday, July 1 from 11am to 4pm at the Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview Ave.). The afternoon will feature beers from Great Lakes, Nickel Brook, Oast House and Left Field, plus cider from Spirit Tree and food from Kanga Meat Pies and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch. As always, admission is free for the all ages event.
  • The Distillery District will be transformed into Little Havana for Bacardi Festival Libra, complete with live musical acts, Cuban food stations, live street dancing, buskers and even cigar rolling. The outdoor festival takes place starting Friday, July 4 until Sunday, July 6.


  • Tickets are still available for PintxosTO, a Spanish-influenced summer block party (from the the team behind YumCha), which takes place on Sunday, July 6 in a parking lot at 495 Wellington St. West. Bite-size snacks will be on sale from Bar Isabel, Barsa Taberna, Buca, Carmen, Cava, Chiado, Marben, Patria, Portland Variety and Torito.
  • Advance tickets ($35) are available now a five-course prix fixe menu from guest chefs Ippei Iwata and Riku Okubo (of Guu Sakabar) when they take over the kitchen at Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge (563 Bloor St.) for the next installment of The Tablesetters pop-up series.


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